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Campgrounds in Arizona

^ There are at least 140 campgrounds in the state of Arizona. Narrow down the options by selecting a city you will be staying in or near.

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Campsites in Arizona

^ Select a city to get started searching for the right campsite in Arizona. Get detailed descriptions of different campsites and reserve online.

AZ Campgrounds

Campgrounds & Campsites in Arizona

Arizona Campgrounds

Our comprehensive search of campgrounds in Arizona produced 140 results. This includes both Federal and private campgrounds that provide campsites in the state of AZ.

There may be more campgrounds available if the area you'll be staying is near a state border. Select a city above to narrow down your search.

Featured Campground in Arizona

Apache Maid Cabin

Apache Maid Cabin

Pets Allowed? Y
Sites with water hookup? N
Sites with electric hookup? Y
Currently available?

Campsites in Arizona

Different campgrounds, and even different campsites within the same campground, provide different amenities.

In Arizona, you'll find amenities such as campsites that allow pets, campsites with a water hookup, campsites with an electric hookup, and more. Select a city above to get started.

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About Arizona

The state of Arizona has a population of approximately 6,392,017, ranking 18th in the nation. [5]

Campgrounds and Campsites in AZ

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For more information about camping in Arizona, or for additional resources regarding experiencing the outdoors in AZ, visit the National Park Service.

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