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Weather Forecast for 99579 (Egegik, AK)

Fri Sep 24
Sky Is Clear
Min: 35°F
Max: 45°F
Moderate breeze: 12 mps N
Precip.: n/a
Humidity: 40%
Cloud cover: 2%
Sat Sep 25
Few Clouds
Min: 31°F
Max: 42°F
Moderate breeze: 15 mps N
Precip.: n/a
Humidity: 46%
Cloud cover: 11%
Sun Sep 26
Few Clouds
Min: 33°F
Max: 47°F
Gentle Breeze: 11 mps NW
Precip.: n/a
Humidity: 53%
Cloud cover: 15%
Mon Sep 27
Light Rain
Min: 38°F
Max: 46°F
Gentle Breeze: 10 mps ENE
Precip.: Chance of Rain
Humidity: 71%
Cloud cover: 99%
Tue Sep 28
Overcast Clouds
Min: 36°F
Max: 47°F
Moderate breeze: 12 mps NNE
Precip.: n/a
Humidity: 61%
Cloud cover: 95%
Wed Sep 29
Overcast Clouds
Min: 37°F
Max: 44°F
Moderate breeze: 14 mps WNW
Precip.: n/a
Humidity: 62%
Cloud cover: 90%

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Camping Equipment in or near 99579

Stores that sell camping gear, outdoor equipment and/or other camping supplies in or near 99579.

Sorry, no local stores selling camping equipment found.

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Hotels in or near 99579

If you can't find the right campsite close enough to 99579 or just want a bed to sleep in for a night or two.

Sorry, no local hotels or motels were found.

Our search for hotels located in 99579 produced no matches.

Restaurants in or near 99579

Just in case that campfire meal doesn't work out or you want to sit down for one hot meal.

Sorry, no local restaurants were found.

Our search for restaurants located in 99579 produced no matches.

More information about 99579

About 99579

The ZIP code 99579 is associated with the city of Egegik in Lake and Peninsula County in the state of Alaska.

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More about 99579 Camping

For more information about camping in 99579 (Alaska), or for additional resources regarding experiencing the outdoors in AK, visit the National Park Service.

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